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Piastra filtrante metallica in rete metallica sinterizzata multistrato

Tempo: 2023-02-27 Colpi : 12


SITO WEB: www.filter-dryer.com

What Wuxi Zhanghua can provide is as follows according to requirements and permeability of materials:

● Fabric (cotton, polypropylene, etc.)

● Plug-in metal filter core

● Sintered plate

● Multilayer sintered plate

● Sterilizing device, with the following filtering components


The ready-to-install filter plates on the equipment can be quickly replaced anytime and anywhere, the same as products from other suppliers. Based on the customer's needs and mechanical specifications, all the multi-layer filter plates can be replaced, or the ones in different parts.

Generally, the size of the equipment used in the chemical industry is large. In the event of a shutdown, the division of different areas shows its advantage, that is, only the damaged parts need to be replaced, thus ensuring effective operation. The multi-layer filter plate can withstand pressure up to 0.5 bar from below (optional).


Complete filter plates are suitable for equipment in relatively smaller size used to handle active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The filter plate is fixed from the bottom with screws, smooth surface, no contact with the material and easy to replace, which is ideal for pharmaceutical industry. The multi-layer filter plate can withstand pressure up to 0.5 bar from below (optional).

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